Transforming Tomorrow

Transforming Tomorrow

Cross Texas Transmission strengthens the Texas grid by delivering cleaner energy and improving reliability while relieving congestion and lowering electricity costs.

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Through its high voltage system in the Panhandle, Cross Texas Transmission delivers some of the best wind resources in the world to millions of homes and businesses in the ERCOT region of Texas. Cross Texas Transmission also increases reliability, relieves congestion, lowers electricity costs, and improves capabilities to respond to grid emergencies through its facilities in the Brazos Valley.

Key Features

Cross Texas Transmission Improving Reliability

Improving Reliability

Our transmission lines and substations use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure safe, dependable electricity is available for future generations of Texans.

Cross Texas Transmission Renewable Energy

Incorporating Renewable Energy

We help connect Texas communities to sustainable energy sources, promoting the goal of creating an advanced, reliable electric grid that will power the state for years to come. Since 2013, our Panhandle System has been instrumental in increasing Texas’ supply of wind-powered generation throughout the state.

Cross Texas Transmission Giving Back

Giving Back

We believe in donating time and resources to charitable causes within the communities we serve. Nothing is more meaningful than the power to make a difference.

How the ERCOT Electric Market Works