Connecting Texas Communiites
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As one of the fastest growing states in the country, Texas has a rapidly expanding need for energy. In fact, Texas produces and consumes more electricity than any other state, which is one of the reasons why the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has determined that the current infrastructure simply isn’t equipped to handle the expected load.

Without a doubt, Texas communities need access to renewable, affordable and reliable power. Opportunities for Texas-made solar and wind farms are there – we just need to bring that supply to the regions that need it most.

Cross Texas Transmission has a strong track record for developing projects that not only improve overall grid reliability but also help increase renewable energy adoption across the state. We have the experience to make investment in a more renewable energy future a complete success.

How the Texas Electric Market works

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In Texas, generation companies turn energy sources (such as natural gas, coal, uranium, sunlight or wind) into electricity for public consumption. This energy is sold on an open market where retail electric providers then purchase and sell the electricity to consumers and businesses.


Cross Texas is solely an electric transmission company, which means we operate and maintain transmission lines that deliver bulk power to other utilities that in turn distribute the power directly to consumers and businesses through the lower voltage distribution system.


Distribution is the process by which power ultimately gets to your home or business. After being delivered in bulk from generators using transmission lines that companies like Cross Texas own and operate, electricity is then distributed through the poles and wires you see in your neighborhood and sold by a retail electric provider.

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