Limestone To Gibbons Creek:
Critical To Reliability

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Based on population and industrial growth projections for the area, ERCOT has estimated that demand for electricity will outstrip supply by 2018 in the Houston area. That is why ERCOT designated Cross Texas Transmission and Garland Power & Light to construct approximately 70 miles of new 345 kV, double-circuit transmission lines from Limestone to Gibbons Creek.

The new line, which is scheduled to be in service by 2018, will expand capacity and also benefit landowners throughout the region by reducing the possibility of outages, improving emergency power response capability by transporting power to other areas/delivering emergency power and supporting the expansion of economic growth throughout Southeast Texas.

As part of a strategic partnership with other utilities, Cross Texas Transmission will develop, engineer and construct these new lines. Then, Garland Power & Light will operate them in conjunction with the Texas Municipal Power Agency. This joint venture draws on the strengths and expertise of each entity.


PUC Approved Route Map (Route 18) Exhibits 1 to 4 PUCT Docket Filings Landowner Rights Information

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Since 1923, the City of Garland has provided electric service to its citizens through Garland Power & Light (GP&L), its locally owned and controlled not-for-profit municipal utility. With 69,000 customers, GP&L is the fourth largest municipal utility in Texas and the 41st largest in the nation. GP&L is recognized nationally as a Reliable Public Power Provider and as a Tree Line USA Utility.

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