Building A More Reliable Grid
for Tomorrow

Cross Texas Transmission has a strong track record for developing projects that not only improve overall grid reliability but actually help increase renewable energy adoption across the state.

As we move forward with new projects, we want to ensure that members of the communities where we work understand our mission: to ensure reliable and safe delivery of electricity to consumers throughout Texas.

We are committed to working closely with landowners to help them understand the process and their rights, and we welcome their feedback. While we hold public meetings to communicate in person, we want landowners to feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Landowners Rights Brochures

The links below direct landowners to public information about their rights as property owners:

Public Utility Commission of Texas Landowner Rights Brochure Attorney General Landowner Bill of Rights


Puct Docket Number

To access information that is officially filed on the PUCT website related to Cross Texas Transmission’s proposed routes, follow the link below, then select the “Retrieve Filings” link, select the “Log In” link, enter the docket number listed below in the “Control Number Box” and select the “Search Now” button:

Limestone to Gibbons - 44649

Cross Texas Transmission was tasked with a huge project by the State of Texas in completing a large portion of the transmission lines dedicated to Competitive Renewable Energy Zones. Your response to assist landowners has always been well-informed and timely. We appreciate your efforts to include the affected communities in the process when possible.

State Senator Robert Duncan

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We’re here to answer your questions about energy and new projects that aim to improve reliability of the Texas electric grid. We can also answer your questions about connecting your project to Cross Texas Transmission's facilities.

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Regulatory Compliance

Cross Texas Transmission adheres to all guidelines set forth by state regulatory groups.

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