Our commitment to community support across Texas began in the Texas Panhandle.   Since 2012, we have donated over $250,000 to three key community initiatives throughout the region – education, health care and public safety.  


After discussions with local community leaders, we chose to partner with three educational institutions to ensure students within the Panhandle had access to the resources needed to improve learning and promote promising futures. Some of the major institutions we have donated to in this category include:  

  • West Texas A&M University (AJ Swope Scholarship Fund)
  • Amarillo College (Electrical Lineman Program)
  • Clarendon College (Wind Energy Program)

Health Care

Cross Texas Transmission has also supported initiatives that focus on spreading awareness and increasing assistance to local residents in need of medical care. We are proud to be corporate sponsors for the Medical Center League House and the American Heart Association.

Amarillo Medical Center League House

As of 2018, Cross Texas Transmission has donated more than $40,000 to the Amarillo Medical Center League House. The League House works to provide patients and their families with a place to stay at the lowest cost when a loved one needs medical attention at a hospital away from home. The hospitals and medical care facilities in Amarillo are often the only option available for families for miles around the city, and patients commonly must travel a substantial distance to receive the care they need. The League house works to provide affordable housing for these families and its mission is to help them feel welcomed and comfortable during difficulty times. Volunteers and staff working at the League House are available for care and support whenever needed, and the house features a number of amenities to help guests feel more at home.

“Cross Texas Transmission and its employees are very sincere about helping the communities they serve. The Medical Center League House in Amarillo has been very fortunate to be on the receiving end of their kindness. The past two years MCLH has received a grant, which has helped us help families who travel to Amarillo for medical care during their time of need, whether it is an emergency hospital stay, cancer treatments, hospice visits or funerals.”

Amber Glawe, President & Executive Director
Medical Center League House

CTT staff attending a Medical Center League House fundraiser

Public Safety

Cross Texas Transmission has also supported public safety within the Panhandle region with donations to various voluntary fire departments, EMS, and policing efforts. This support reinforces our belief that the strength of a community lies in the unity of the people who live and work in them.

Photo courtesy of the Hall County Sherriff’s Office Facebook

“We would like to publicly thank Cross Texas Transmission (the company who handles the large power lines in Hall County) for their generous donation to the Hall County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Fund. These ATVs have been a huge asset to the department for responding to calls in hard-to-reach areas of the county (where a normal patrol Tahoe is not able to travel). Thanks again Cross Texas Transmission! We greatly appreciate your support!”

Hall County Sherriff’s Office

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